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“It all began as a hobby. I have always liked to draw; mainly, people's faces and pets. Initially, I started drawing portraits of my family members and friends. Little by little, and as I saw people’s acceptance and received their kind and encouraging words, I was drawn to offering my art to the public; portraits made with charcoal and graphite pencil.


This decision stemmed from an amazing experience I once had. I drew a portrait of an elderly couple walking hand in hand. It even detailed the wrinkles on their hands. This portrait still hangs in my living room’s wall to this day. When a dear family friend saw it, she saw herself reflected it in. Through the portrait, she was instantly reminded of her deceased husband.

She was reminded on their moments of deep love, happiness, acceptance, loyalty, tolerance, comprehension, respect, and compromise; all the values that are fundamental in a person’s life but especially to a couple’s life. It was at that particular moment that I realized the powerful effect a drawing can have on a person.This inspired me to continue with my craft because I realized that through my drawings, I could humbly contribute to the remembrance of the special moments in a person’s life.

I have not formally attended any art school. This has all been possible because of my love of art. My experience has been forged through dedication, willpower, hours and hours of practice and lots of patience. I’ve also relied on various videos shared by other artists on Youtube to perfect my art. This has been my sole source of training. It’s enabled me to acquire skills and tools that have compelled me to believe that regardless of one’s age, life goals can be achieved. However, they can only be accomplished if and only if, they are done solely out of love.


Drawing has become to me an immense source of pleasure and relaxation. Through this website, I am thus offering to the public the elaboration of charcoal and graphite pencil portraits. My hope is that they will become a source of pleasure and happiness to others as well.”

Sincerely, Giovanni Correa

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